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Yuzuru Honda

AI Won’t Take Over Human Jobs.

RTB, which enabled us at FreakOut to establish our initial business of "buying advertising space at very the moment media is viewed," is a method that previously was absolutely impossible with manual buying. When this became possible, what immediately happened in the advertising industry was the start of a new market.

The structure of the industry, made up of the group of businesses that support that market, soon became so complicated as to be called a chaotic map, and it seems to have even appeared in recent MBA textbooks. As a result, in Japan several years after the birth of RTB, a number of listed companies known as ad-tech stocks were born,  starting with our company.

From this experience, when it comes to the idea we hear these days that "AI takes over human jobs", we at FreakOut have come to believe that it "depends on what people get machines to do," and we have defined the business that we created based on that idea.

In other words, people feel "Machines are taking over human jobs" because people just create businesses only to replace jobs originally done by human beings with machines. If we can create a business to entrust our work to machines at a level that human beings could never do in the first place, won't it create a new industry, allow people to find new work that is suitable for human beings, and allow the creation of new employment?

What's more, in order to achieve this on a global scale, we are promoting rapid overseas expansion and at the same time improving our world-beating levels of technology. We have put advertising transactions in the hands of the machines and made possible the distribution of top-class brand advertising in a way that could not have existed in the days of paper flyers inside taxis, but we are not even halfway there. FreakOut's mission is to create a new industry by leaving to computers things at the "FREAK-OUT" level – things that people did not think possible – based on our ever more formidable technical capabilities and a business foundation that reaches out to the world.

"AI won’t take over human jobs."
Believing that this is "an important truth very few people agree with you on" we hope to be a corporate group that will continue to create products that causes a stir in the very idea of how work should exist between people and computers.

Founder & Global CEO Yuzuru Honda